nairobi, kenya

In October 2017, Barbers Without Borders will be traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to partner with MOHI, Missions of Hope International, which is an organization that works in the urban slums of Nairobi (Mathare) and rural communities throughout Kenya to transform children, families, and communities.

MOHI is a Christ-centered, non-governmental organization that serves orphaned and vulnerable children and their families in the Mathare Valley slums of Nairobi and other disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya. MOHI’s goal is to alleviate the effects of extreme poverty by empowering individuals to transform their families and communities.

MOHI will be leveraging Barbers Without Borders within an established trade school to provide education, training, and skill development for cosmetologist and barbers in the area, as well as those pursuing the industry for their future. 


Los angeles, california

On August 12 we are joining our friends at The Sanctuary Church's 2nd annual Back Pack Drive. Last year 300 back packs filled with school supplies reached the hands of elementary school students returning to school along with haircuts. This year we are providing haircuts for the whole family we are  assembling an all star team especially for the event and we look forward to seeing everyone there.